About us

Our Mission

ThomasThe Afrikan Markt  Aachen is located on the Aldabertsteinweg in Aachen. We sell tropical foods, beauty products, hair accessories, and clothings.

We believe that the only way to be healthy is to pay attention the ingredients and products you use in your Kitchen that is why Afrikan Markt sells fresh products and also healthy canned products as well beauty products.

That has been our focus over the years. We constantly seek ways and means to make you feel at home while here in Europe.

The layout
The layout of Afrikan Markt Aachen is so layout that the atmosphere creates feeling of typical African insideMarket but with European taste and sanity. The layout makes the goods and wares make it easy to find the products.  Our  workers are ready to offer friendly assistant  should you find it difficult find a particular product.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10.00am- 9.00pm

Sat 10.00am-9.30pm

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